Thursday, January 13, 2011

Longchamp Planètes

Longchamp Planètes, 12" version in black and clay (USD168)

Longchamp's more "famous" line, the Le Pliage is a love-it or hate-it kind of bag. Some of my friends love it while some find it too "shopping-bag" looking. I am definitely for the former. 

I personally love it's simplicity and the fact that it is so lightweight and storable. The weight factor is really the plus for me. With the amount of stuff I lug around all day, I need a bag that doesn't add on more weight to the already shoulder-breaking pounds my stuff totals to. Plus it's weatherproof (... I think), I don't worry if it gets rained on because it dries up quickly and doesn't leave a mark.

Anyway, the Le Pliage's signature look is the brown flap and straps. The Planètes by Longchamp series seems to be a step up. It has the same structure as the Le Pliage but it gives you a tone on tone design -- same color for the body, flap, and straps. 

The Planètes line uses a thicker coated canvas so unlike the Le Pliage, it is not foldable. But, like the Le Pliage, it has 1 main compartment with zipper opening and 1 small pocket on front in the interior.

I fell in love with the all black Planètes when I saw it at a Duty Free shop. And I now regret not buying it because I can't find it any store in the city (buying online is really a last option).

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  1. I love this bag! want to buy it!

    i'm a longchamp lover!


    The chic attitude

  2. Go and buy! ;) The red version of this line is now in Longchamp stores in Singapore. I'm waiting for the black one to come in next month. =)

  3. I'm confused between buying a le Pliage 0r a Planetes but then Planetes really look so classy!


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