Saturday, March 5, 2011

Imagine, Believe, Namaste

I was supposed to meet a friend for a jog but we got rained in. Boo! Since I had no choice but to stay in, I decided to shoot some things around the house which ended up to be some of my favorite accessories.

I don't buy a lot of accessories but what I do have I absolutely love. The ones above I got from a shop in the Philippines called The Bead Shop -- leather bracelets with words engraved on metal plates and a turquoise bead bracelet with a money tree charm (whatever helps!). More of my favorite bling after the jump...

silver rings from Diva,, Seventh Door and gifted | bracelets and cuffs from Aldo and gifted | YSL Arty Oval Ring

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  1. pretty accessories :) i like your cross ring connector

  2. I found your blog via bloglovin and I really loooove it! The rings are so cute
    bisous marilia & christina

  3. I love the leather bracelets in the first photo! wants. XD

  4. oh wow is that arty ring in silver??? if yes, i never seen this combo.

    can you find out where did you got it from?

  5. @Vanja: this arty ring is gold and blue. May have looked like silver due to post processing of the photo. =) I've seen silver arty rings around though but they come with a black stone. Check out, sometimes they have this rings on stock.


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