Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pajama Pants and Trousers

I'm currently loving loose-fit trousers and pajama pants, especially printed ones (as evidenced by my recent posts in Instagram, oops!) The heat in this tropical island makes it almost unbearable for me to go around the city in cotton trousers and denim jeans. Pajama pants and silk loose-fit trousers are the perfect solution! They're breezy and very comfortable to wear. :-)

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Mostly been stuck on the trousers from Mango and Zara...

Images from Mango and Zara.

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  1. awesome pants!

  2. I love the zebra pants! meron akong ganyan but not exactly the same! haha =))

    visit my blog?
    and if you like it,feel free to click that follow button pretty! :-*

  3. Floral pants are perfect! I love the chic vibe.
    check out my blog. :)

  4. Love printed pants so much! <3

  5. I love this trend but these never look good on me. My legs are TOO long so the proportions are all off. =[

  6. Those pants and/or trousers are cool! Seems so comfortable for a casual wear :)

  7. Great post! I hope to see you in my blog sometimes. :) thanks! I'm your new follower! Kisses from VV!!


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