Saturday, July 10, 2010

Custom-made Corsets

I am loving the idea of custom-made corsets for your wedding day. Brides usually diet and exercise months before their special day to get to their ideal size, why not add in a corset to help you get that picture-perfect hourglass figure?

But why get something custom-made? While there are already tons of ready-to-wear corsets out there, I don't think they'll get you the same results as one that will be custom-made to your body and one made specifically to get the figure you want (smaller waist, better cleavage, better butt?). But I'm not the one you should listen to when it comes to corsets. A young and multi-awarded Philippine designer named Mich Dulce is just the girl to ask. Not only is she a designer, she's also a milliner and corsetiere. Mich Dulce recently blogged about frequently asked questions about her custom-made corsets. Check it out here.

And, custom-made corsets doesn't have to be limited to your wedding day. Think burlesque beauty Dita Von Teese.

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