Monday, July 19, 2010

Where Did All The Lace Fans Go?

When I was little, I remember going to mass on Sundays in non-air conditioned churches. Most churches now  have upgraded and have brought in air-conditioning but back then, hearing mass was sometimes a hot and humid experience -- especially when you're made to wear dresses and trousers. Shorts, jeans and anything skimpy was a big NO in church.

Anyway, my mom had this awesome collection of lace hand fans, hand-painted silk fans and Japanese printed paper wooden fans. She'd always have one in her bag and bring them out at church to fan herself (and whoever was lucky enough to sit beside her). When we got older, she'd lend us one to bring so we can fan ourselves.

But now I wonder, where have all those beautiful fans gone? I don't see them around that much anymore. Often I think of gifting my mom a beautiful fan for her birthday but it's so hard to find a place that sells the nice fans -- none of those battery-operated fans you place on your neck or those cartoon-covered plastic fans. I want a wooden one with lace or hand-painted paper. I think the last time my mom got a really nice one was when my dad got her something from Spain.

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