Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Silver Cross Connector Ring

I've always wanted a cross connector ring ever since I saw it online from Forever21 but I think it got so popular that it never arrived in Singapore (unless I missed it then boo for me!).

Now here comes Seventh Door with their own (and better?) version of the ring. It looks gorgeous! Retails at US$68. According to their site:
Amazing large cross double finger ring made of solid white bronze with a satin finish. Cross measures 45mm x 23mm (nearly 2" x 1"). 
I would love one but don't know if I wanna spend that much for a ring. F21, please do another batch of your cross connector ring!


UPDATE: Order submitted. Order being shipped. I caved and got Seventh Door's Silver Cross Connector Ring.

I figured with how much some people are selling the F21 version on eBay plus international shipping charges, buying the Seventh Door version made more sense. And the fact that this one is made of white bronze and won't fade or tarnish just sealed the deal for me. I can't wait to get it!


ANOTHER UPDATE: The order has arrived! You can read about it here.

Image source: Shopseventhdoor.com


    I'm gonna get one from 7th door too :)

  2. Great!
    I got mine already and I love it :)

    Thanks for dropping by!


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