Monday, January 18, 2010

Gucci Boston Bag

Whenever I happen to pass by a Louis Vuitton store, I always check out their iconic Speedy bags.

Always check out but never had the urge to purchase one (never mind the fact I can barely afford one!). Why? I don't really like Louis Vuitton's brown/beige/ebony/azur LV print and so-so on their boxy print.

That is until they came out with a new style (and in black!) -- the Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Speedy:

The LV print is not so "loud" in this style.

Lately, I've found myself almost at the brink of buying one -- several times but still no. Because while I love the bag, I'm not really an LV girl. Would rather spend on Gucci. So, I've been surfing through and found their version of the Speedy bag.

The Gucci Boston Bag. 

They come in two styles (as far as I know, that is):

"Joy" medium Boston Bag with D ring detail which comes in 5 colors:
  • Gunmetal crystal GG lamé fabric with black leather trim
  • Silver GG coated fabric with silver leather trim
  • Beige/ebony GG plus with dark brown leather trim
  • Black Guccissima leather with black leather trim
  • Chocolate Guccissima leather with chocolate leather trim

"Techno Tag" medium Boston Bag with luggage tag which comes in 3 colors:
  • Black neoprene GG with black leather trim
  • Beige/ebony GG fabric with brown leather trim
  • Magenta neoprene GG wth magenta leather trim
I like the "Joy" medium Boston Bag in Guccissima leather. Time to save!

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    When I carefully picked it up the weight of it was heavy in my hands. It has a draw string opening, though I can't see that the beaded handle could have supported the weight of the beads for very long.


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