Saturday, January 9, 2010

ROO-Carriage by RooTote

I can’t believe how excited I was to finally find this and get one for myself (and for my mom!). It’s the ROO-Carriage by RooTote.

It’s a bag in a bag. It’s a small structured bag with lots of compartments for everything you have in your purse. You put the ROO-Carriage inside whatever bag you’re using and everything is organized and not shuffled around. When it’s time to change bags, simply get the entire thing out and into the next bag. Everything is still exactly where you want it to be. No more frantic rummaging and diving into your bag looking for your ringing phone or due EZ-Link card.

It’s every OC’s dream come true! (that’s Obsessive Compulsive for those of you who don’t know).

Disclaimer: Forgive me for the cheesy comic-y captions. I did this on my iPhone and Comic Touch was the best app I had for the job (and I was too lazy to start up my laptop).
Here are the photos, front view:

Let’s take a look inside:

Also in the middle zippered compartment are my flash drives (2), hair clips and iPhone/iPod USB cord.

There’s also a zippered compartment on the right side.

For those in Singapore, you can find it in Isetan Department Stores. Got mine at the Shaw branch.

They have a website: RooTote Japan or RooTote Australia — not sure which one is the right one. The first I got off their tag. The second I found through search but strangely enough they don’t carry the ROO-Carriage line. Happy Hunting!

I love it!


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