Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ultra Wide Angle Lenses

Okay, before you read on... this isn't a fashion post. It's not about clothes, bags or shoes or any style.  It is however, what I am loving right now, what I've been researching for the past couple of days.  So, if you're still interested read on.  If not, until the next fashion post.


First, the Canon:

From what I've learned through Googling, the difference between a 10mm and a 11mm is apparently A LOT.  Now as a newbie, I don't really see it but I guess it's safe to take the professional's word on it.

The Canon also offers a wide range of focal lengths from 10mm to 22mm so it's very flexible.  I believe you can take decent portrait shots at 22mm (correct me if I'm wrong...)

And the Canon is well, it's a CANON.  Not a third-party lens and will definitely have great resale value.  That's if you want to give it up later on.

As for the Tokina, I've read a lot of rave reviews about this UWA lens.  It's main plus point? It's got a maximum aperture of f/2.8.  That's a good setting for low-light or nighttime photos giving you a faster shutter speed.

It doesn't have a flexible range compared to Canon with only 11-16mm but since I've already for a kit lens of 18-55mm, it won't be too bad -- if you don't mind the hassle of switching lenses.

As a third-party lens, Tokina is one of top 3 out there.  But as a third-party lens, I would've thought it would be considerably cheaper than the Canon.  From the initial research I've done there is little difference in price (in Singapore at least -- if I'm wrong do let me know).  If you're going to shell out for the Tokina, then what's $50 or so dollars more to get the Canon?

Now, if the Tokina were significantly cheaper than the Canon I'd get it.  But since both are in a similar price range, then I think Canon wins.

Well, I guess I'm not torn between two lenses. I'm just torn because it's too damn expensive!

Image source from Canon.com and TokinaLens.com, respectively.


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